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Get Bright New Teeth with Dental Implants in India

Dental Implants

Man has endeavoured since centuries to find a more natural replacement for missing teeth. Today’s contemporary, new age material has allowed that chase come to an end. Modern day’s dental implant has become possible because these materials were combined with years of research. Clinical trials done on them have yielded positive results leading to this practice being seen as the most natural solution for missing teeth.

Case 1

Replacement of a single missing tooth with a single stage Nobel Biocare implant.

Dental Implants1


Dental Implants2

Placement of the implant

Dental Implants3

Placement of the crown (artificial tooth) over the implant.

Case 2

All teeth replacement using Implant supported bridge

Dental Implants4

73 old female patient from Germany

Single Tooth Replacement:Requires the placement of a single dental implant in the region of the missing tooth, followed by a crown (artificial tooth) over it.

Multiple Tooth Replacement:Depending upon the number of missing teeth, the same number or a fewer number of dental implants might be required. For example, the replacement of 3 teeth can be carried out using a 3 unit bridge placed over 2 implants.

Replacement of All Teeth:Replacement of all teeth can be carried out either by the placement of implant supported dentures or by the placement of multiple unit bridges placed over implants. The process involves placing highly advanced titanium deep into the bone where the tooth replacement is desired. This titanium device acts like a support for the crown or the ‘artificial tooth’. As the implant material used is highly biocompatible, all dental implants at Dr. Ajwani’sTM are placed under strict standards of hygiene and sterilization making dental implants a safe, comfortable and a permanent solution. At Dr. Ajwani’s™, we treat all our patients using the most advanced systems at the most competitive prices.

So what do dental implants do?

  • Restore natural chewing function, giving you the freedom to enjoy foods that were previously too "difficult" to eat. Whether it is for biting an apple or chewing meat, these are strong enough to withstand the tremendous natural forces.
  • Let you regain the closest feel, look and function of your natural teeth. These look just like (and sometimes better!) than your natural teeth.
  • Make you feel confident that your replacement teeth (implants) won’t loosen or move.
  • Give you the freedom to do away with those viscous adhesives.
  • Make it possible to forget those denture clasps which placed damaging pressure on gums and the remaining natural teeth.
  • These last a lifetime, giving you a better than expected return on your time and money.

Why are we your ideal choice for implants?

  • Implants at our centres are performed by team of Implantologists for surgical precision of the implants and Aesthetic dentists for supreme aesthetics of the crowns (visible teeth). Our team has received advanced training from countries across the world including Germany, U.S.A, and U.K.
  • We would be happy to provide you with their profile based on the city you choose for your treatments. We have placed thousands of implants for people across the world with a success rate of 99.2%. We use only globally accepted implant systems such as Nobel Biocare, Biohorizons, Xive, Zimmer, Ankylos and many more.
  • We provide warranties of up to 15 years on our work as we are supremely confident of the expertise we deliver. Our prices are the most competitive. As we have a very high volume of cases, we are able to purchase implants at a very low cost and this benefit is passed on directly to our patients. With our broad range of implant options like immediate load implants, all on 4, all on 6, mini implants, basal implants, one visit implants, zirconia implants, implant supported dentures etc. we have become the ideal choice for anyone seeking dental implants in India.
  • With hi tech equipments such as in house CT scan machines for instant diagnosis, we have the most hi tech centres, ideal for patients seeking the best dental implants in India or dental implants in Pune & Mumbai. We understand that implants are not just a dental need but also an emotional one. We have specially appointed counsellors to guide you through the entire process of making an informed choice and to be in regular touch with you once the procedure is done.

Time Taken - is case dependent.

Dental Implants5