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As your tooth infection (caused by tooth decay or injury) bothering you too much? Have you heard the rumours that root canal is an unpleasant dental procedure? Have you been diagnosed with the need of going for this treatment but dread the dentist?

Root Canal3

There is no need. We have made root canal treatment so painless and successful that it feels awesome. Root canal treatment is the removal of the infected soft tissue within the tooth and its replacement by an artificial inert ‘filling’ material. This procedure basically saves the tooth and eliminates dental pain.

You many need root canal for any of these reasons: Persistent toothache Decay of teeth or cavities which are deep Tooth becoming darker after an injury or trauma Swelling of gum near the tooth Tender gums or teeth.

Root canals at Dr. Ajwani’s™ Dental: Are extremely comfortable and absolutely painless. Along with technical superiority, our team is specially trained to perform the procedure in a gentle and soothing way. Are generally completed in one session of less than 30 minutes. If required, upto 6 root canals can be performed in a single session. Are performed by globally trained Microendodontists. (Endodontists are dentists specially trained for root canals, Microendodontists are a cream of endodontists with super speciality training). Are performed under the total isolation of teeth using rubber dam techniques.

Consequences of delaying root canal treatments are devastating.

Root Canal2